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Riley Green - I Wish Grandpas Never Died

One day in the future someone is going to ask someone else the following question.  “What’s your definition of a country song?”  The answer will be Riley Green’s “I Wish Grandpas Never Died”.  Written flawlessly.  Sung even better.  As you would imagine this song takes the listener down a road and on a journey of memories and reflection.  Pound for pound as far as content and meaning, not many songs on the radio compare to this one.  Not only a must download, but remember to share it with those you love.

Lauren Alaina- Getting Good

We’ve known Lauren since 2011 on American Idol. She has literally grown up in front of our eyes. Automatically she had one of the best voices in the business in any genre at 16 years old. Now she is really finally coming into her own. At the time of this magazine going to print she has made the finals of Dancing With The Stars, and she has her brand new radio single “Getting Good”. The song says everything we’ve been saying about Lauren already. It’s her thinking about the years to come and how life will be good, but then realizing she already has it good. Lauren Alaina has always been a personal favorite of mine and this radio station. Add this one to your playlist with all of her others.

Carly Pearce- I Hope You’re Happy Now

Carly Pearce has had a great start to her career. By all accounts you can’t begin much better. Her debut single “Every Little Thing” went all the way to #1! She had a hooky smash with “Hide The Wine”. However, this is the one! A duet with Lee Brice called “I Hope You’re Happy Now” not only has a shot for the top of the charts, but it’s so good I think you’re going to hear it 20 years from now. The way their voices blend together, and the way the song sounds classic and current at the same time, it has all the makings to stand the test of time. Song Of The Year possibilities! A must on your playlist.

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